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Come feel the sunshine.

At Sunshine Athletics we offer a variety of both traditional and contemporary reformer classes.  You can also book a private group class (at least 3 members required to form the group) and we will tailor the class to meet the needs of your group.  We work with everyone from athletes seeking better performance to assisting people with Parkinsons maintain their motor function.  



Our reformer class is taught on Allergro 2 machines and incorporates core Pilates principles with a contemporary approach.  It welcomes all levels.  Modifications and progressions are offered to meet the needs of every person in the class.  


Here we will on Joseph Pilates’ classical repertoire and dive deeper into Pilates Foundations, taking movements between the Mat, the Reformer and the TRX just as Joseph Pilates always encouraged building all the core movements across different apparatuses.  Each class will have a different core principle focus.  


Adding the Jump Board attachment to the reformer, this class adds a little cardio kick to your  workout!  For those coming back from a lower body injury, it is a safe and effective way to reintroduce plyometrics back into the body, putting stability into the hips, knees and ankles.  


This class will be on the TRX straps, applying Pilates principles and finding new, fun challenges for the body.  The equalizing loop of the TRX strap uses the body's own weight as resistance against which you are constantly stabilizing.  Planks, extensions, side body work and stretching are all a completely different challenge on the TRX. 


The focus will be on restorative stretch for the entire body and we will work to enhance wherever your body's mobility has challenges.  The pace of the class will be more gentle and you will leave feeling rejuvenated, restored, and recovered.

If you see these emoji (☀️🔥) next to any class, the class will be planned to a playlist and the focus will be on the body flowing with music, connecting movement and breath to unlock physical and mental potential.   

Pilates Class Pass
Join us for a class
For the Pilates lover

ncludes: Reformer & mat pilates,​ 
TRX & body weight classes

Catter Brodsky, Pilates owner and Instructor



Catter found movement later in life. After having her son, she knew she needed a way to keep up with him and found that at CrossFit. To support the demands of CrossFit, she also started taking regular Pilates classes and fell completely in love with the abilities and the awareness that both practices brought to her own body. Before long, she became a certified pilates instructor and is invested in constantly learning how movement can support people’s goals. Having gone from someone who could barely run up a hill to someone who ran 100 miles in a month, Catter relishes the challenge that both methodologies bring to her life.  She’s learned and experienced that there is no such thing as “too old to try”or just “not built for it”, she loves showing people what they are capable of.  



Comprehensive Pilates Certification through Club Pilates (Reformer, mat, Cadillac, Barrels, TRX, Trigger Point, Barre) 


TRX Functional Training 

Pilates Suspension Method

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