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Like the sun, we believe in showing up for yourself everyday. We believe life is best when you take care of yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally.  We believe that fitness is paramount to becoming equipped to handle all that life throws at you. 

We are committed to helping you chase your goals, surprise yourself, and discover your capabilities. Getting the body moving is the best part of our day and we want it to be the best part of yours!

At Sunshine CrossFit we believe in the importance of stable foundations, hard work and good technique.  We invest in the progress of all our athletes and find the appropriate challenges for all: from the beginner to the advanced. We train all ages, shapes, and kinds and thrive on seeing our members achieve things they thought were out of their reach.


Sunshine Athletics is for those looking to increase mobility, body awareness, and build functional strength. We use a variety of modalities from TRX based Pilates classes, 30 min body weight sweat sessions, to functional conditioning and targeted mobility work.  We know that bodies crave variety to train and recover well.  We aim to provide the support anyone needs to achieve their goals, whether it’s picking up a grandchild or deadlifting 400 lbs.  


We are blessed with an incredible community that values supporting one another, has fun, and knows the benefit and reward of consistent effort. Contact us to set up an intro session if this is your first time or see our schedule to drop-in if you have previous CrossFit or Pilates experience.

We can’t wait for you to join us!


Deb Austin
Owner / Sunshine Crossfit

Debra spent her whole life as an athlete, starting with gymnastics and swimming as a child, and continuing swimming Division I through college, where she first discovered her passion for strength and conditioning. While pursuing her Bachelor Degree in Athletic Training, she interned with her Strength and Conditioning coach, and started to love some of the Crossfit style workouts that were added in for conditioning.  When she made the decision to continue her education by getting a Masters in Kinesiology at San Jose State University in California, the mecca of CrossFit, she looked for a new community and found one in her local CrossFit gym, quickly becoming a coach. While coaching in California for 8 years, she took multiple movement seminars and continuing education certifications, but after ten years in the Bay Area, she decided it was time to come back to the east coast to family and her roots. Debra enjoys applying the knowledge from her education to help people safely achieve goals while also preventing the injuries she studied.



USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach Level 1

NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach (CSCS)

Eleiko Strength Coach Level 1

CrossFit Mobility (The Ready State: Movement & Mobility 101)

The Ready State Movement & Mobility 102

FMS Level 1

TRX Functional Training 

Freestyle Connection Movement Seminar



B.S. Athletic Training, Stony Brook University

M.A. Kinesiology, San Jose State University


Catter Brodsky
Owner / Sunshine Athletics

Catter found movement later in life. After having her son, she knew she needed a way to keep up with him and found that at CrossFit.  To support the demands of CrossFit, she also started taking regular Pilates classes and fell completely in love with the abilities and the awareness that both practices brought to her own body.  Before long, she became a certified pilates instructor and is invested in constantly learning how movement can support people’s goals.  Having gone from someone who could barely run up a hill to someone who ran 100 miles in a month, Catter relishes the challenge that both methodologies bring to her life.  She’s learned and experienced that there is no such thing as “too old to try”or just “not built for it”, she loves showing people what they are capable of.  



Comprehensive Pilates Certification through Club Pilates

       (Reformer, mat, Cadillac, Barrels, TRX, Trigger Point, Barre) 


TRX Functional Training 

Pilates Suspension Method


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